Customized dart products

Discover the possibilities!

Create your own product.

That we at Embassy Benelux can provide customization is now beyond doubt. We help your players find the perfect set-up for their darts, and for our own brands we are also able to provide a nice, varied range.

We apply our expertise to your wishes.

But that's not all! We can now also call ourselves specialists in the so-called 'Customized' products. These are items that are made entirely according to the wishes of our customer. You can think as small as a batch of flights to your own design, and as big as pallets full of darts for a special occasion. Thanks to our in-house production capabilities, combined with our expertise and our many contacts throughout the darting world, we always find a solution that suits you.

And this is now well known in the darts world as well. There are now half a dozen large dart shops throughout Europe that have been able to set up their own range with our help. Furthermore, we are regularly approached for special promotions with business gifts, Christmas hampers and the like. In addition, we have already carried out a number of major orders for a global brand that has, in one way or another, linked itself to darts as a sponsor.

And all that with a lightning fast delivery time.

The possibilities are endless.

- Own (printed) dartboards, cabinets or dartboard surround

- Your own design on flights or shafts

- Your own range of darts, complete with your own packaging and your own design of flights and shafts.

- Or a combination of these things; in other words, a complete dart set. This is often done so people immediately have everything they need to start playing.

- Printed dart bags or gift sets

- Your own dart mat, completely according to your design

And finally, of course, anything that springs from your own creative brain.

You can't think of anything nice, or we are more than willing to help you think if it is feasible!

Make your own dart products now!