Who is Embassy Benelux?

Embassy Benelux is a European manufacturer, wholesaler / importer of most of today’s darts products and accessories. Situated in the logistic centre of Europe, nearby Rotterdam and Den Haag, is the company founded in the autumn of 1979.

Years of experience in this branch have taken care of that all workers of Embassy Benelux are well addressed of all demands in the market. Using this experience has given us stable growth of the company to the strong distributor it is now.


Embassy Benelux has made to her aim to be a reliable, healthy, flexible and innovating partner to all local retailers established in the Benelux. To provide in the quickly changing demands of dart products and accessories Embassy Benelux has invested in close relations with well known and stable suppliers and manufacturers in New Zealand, Far East, United States and Europe. In this way it is possible to maintain competitive prices and stock level without losing our independence. Our customer-friendly fast guarantee conditions and our short delivery time are also two logical characteristics that fit with our growing reputation as a flexible, innovating and service orientated organisation.

Embassy Benelux
Nijverheidstraat 4
2671 DJ  Naaldwijk

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